Do You Want to Increased Your Luck?

Kamis, 22 Maret 2007

How Lucky you are? And want to increaed your Lucky? That is the challange from Mr. Faiz in the end session of 'Luck Factor' Seminar held by TDA-EO and Logos Institute.
Wanna be The Lucky person ever? Just do below 3 formula and it is guaranteed your luck will increased 100%.

1. Always be GREATFUL
Yes, the power of Greatful will take you to spirit energi. Be Greatful in any condition. Happy. Sad. Either when you have a good news or bad news. Always Greatful. You can refer to my last posting 'Berbahagialah Sekarang'. We can view any condition in a good prespective way.

This actually same as what Quran said in QS 14:07 "And (remember) when your Lord proclaimed: If you give Thanks, I will give you MORE; but if you are thankless, then My punishment is dire"

Thanks to which we have get and blessing. Not complaint for what we didnt had yet.

2. Share 20% of Your Gross Income
The Power of Giving. Share our wealth with others. Someone who really need. Looks around. There still many our brother, our neighbourhood under lackness.
Why 20%? As per Pak Faiz in refer to Kompas report that money in Indonesia was concentred on a few person. If they give 20% of their gross income, then no poverty in Indonesia. No one. But we can not push them to relase 20% of gross income.

As per AA Gym said: Start from ourselves, Start from a little, Start now.

The key in this point is sincerity. Whole-hearted. When the right hand give, the left hand will not known. Just let it go

Let's share...

3. Do Your Best & Improve Yourself CONTINUOSLY
Always provide our best effort for all our activity. Improve ourselves to better level day by day. We can learn from expertice, learn from books, learn from experience and the important learn from universe. Everyday our live will be more quality. We will improve our greatful and improve our share as well.

That are the secret to be a Lucky person. Why dont try now! And see how is going better your day then... Good Luck!

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