TIME IS more than just MONEY

Kamis, 07 Desember 2006

Everyone is using same periodic time in a day, 24 hour. Not less, nor excess even a second. Whatever they are doing in anywhere of the world, it is on the same point of time.
The different is how they manage and using their time. We may face some condition that have no enough time to do our work. But also can find other people have much time to do many activities their likes.

We can learn from some top of business practice how they maximize and manage their time in smart way:

Bill Gates, the richest man in the Earth. He always related the time with the Goals. He made a list of goals he expected. Based on that, he manage the time to reach the goals. He always review by time whether it is running as per its goal. Then make some adjustment to be on right track.

Lucio A Notto, ex CEO Mobil Oil, one of the biggest oil company in the world. His strategy is focus on the Strengthen. "Do what you do the best, let others take care of the rest". With this way he can saving and allocate the time to do the most important thing which can earn add value of his business. He focus on build and develope the strenghen of the company and eliminate many weakness which can take the time. Delegate the supporting division to an expert.

Jeffrey J Fox, writter How to Become CEO, give a tips to allocate some hour to develope yourselves. Everyone have thier own 'good' time to learn and evaluated his personality or his business. Some people like in the early morning, others in the late night. The other like on individual way, others like in a group. But the point is, should have spare some time to develope yourselves.

Time, is the most precious gift from the God. It is 'Free of Charges', with high value more than just money! It could not be held, will be useless if we didnt fill with added value properly. Can not get it back when times were past away...

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